IEP Technologies Releases NFPA 69-2014 Compliant Passive Explosion Isolation Valve

Oca 1, 2015

BOSTON, (June 16, 2014) --- IEP Technologies has released the ProFlapPlusIII passive isolation valve that is fully compliant with the new NFPA 69-2014 dust accumulation monitoring, flap blade-locking, and process shut down requirements. The ProFlapPlusIII is a passive isolation valve that self-closes by the pressure wave created by an explosion inside a vented dust collector and prevents flame propagation to upstream processes. The ProFlapPlusIII is ATEX certified for organic and inorganic dusts with KST values up to 300 bar.m/s for duct sizes ranging from 5 to 12 in. in diameter, and KST values up to 200 bar.m/s for duct sizes ranging from 14 to 40 in. in diameter.
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About IEP Technologies

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